By Zaldy De Layola

PNA file photo by Joan Bondoc

MANILA – The growing public support for the amendment of the constitution’s restrictive economic provisions adds to the determination of the House of Representatives to make it succeed.

The result of data research firm Tangere’s recent survey showed that 52 percent of Filipinos support charter change.

“We are determined to sustain this momentum and collaborate with all parties involved to realize the constitutional amendments that will pave the way for a more prosperous, just, and equitable future for the Philippines,” Speaker Martin Romualdez said in a news release Sunday.

Romualdez said the survey result “indicates a pivotal shift in public sentiment, revealing a growing acceptance and willingness among our citizens to consider the merits of constitutional reform.”

“The approval for amending the constitution, while slight, is nonetheless significant. It represents an evolving perspective among Filipinos, recognizing the potential benefits and the necessity of updating our nation’s charter to meet current and future challenges,” he said.

Voting 288-8 with two abstentions, the House of Representatives approved on March 20 Resolution of Both Houses (RBH) No. 7.

The proposed changes under RBH7 are on the grant of legislative franchises to and ownership (60-40) of public utilities in Article Xll, ownership of basic educational facilities (60-40) in Article XlV, and ownership of advertising firms (70-30) in Article XVl.

He said the House, through the Committee of the Whole, “engaged in thorough discussions where experts and resource persons have presented compelling arguments in favor of these amendments.”

He said the House is committed to fostering an environment where all stakeholders can contribute to meaningful and productive discussions on potential changes to our constitution.” (PNA)