Why Andi no longer posts as much photos of daughter

Thursday, April 14th, 2016. Filed under: Entertainment Filipino Stars
 Andi Eigenmann (MNS Photo)

Andi Eigenmann (MNS Photo)

MANILA (Mabuhay) — If you follow Andi Eigenmann on Instagram, you would notice that she no longer posts a lot of photos of her daughter Ellie.

The actress took to Twitter to explain her decision. In a series of posts, Eigenmann said she does not share so much photos of Ellie anymore because of “judgmental people.”

“It makes me sad to have to raise my child in this generation where social media is used for cowards to take out their insecurities on people like us who just want to make a living. Most [especially] my little Ellie who owes nothing to any of you,” she said.

“It’s so simple. I don’t post as much because I don’t want her to be exposed in such negativity. It’s not like you people have anything better to say right,” she continued.

She then urged netizens to “stop being lowlives” and “spend your precious lives making it better or helping this world become better.”

“Why not idolize [people] who care [about] you, and things that matter. Instead of those who only care about you feeding them in all ways possible,” she said.

Eigenmann gave birth to Ellie in November 2011. (MNS)

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