A documentary on the life and career of deceased songstress Whitney Houston is in the works, with Oscar-winning Scottish director Kevin Macdonald at the helm, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Singer Whitney Houston © AFP

Singer Whitney Houston
© AFP2929

The as-yet-untitled film has reportedly been dubbed “The Voice” by those close to the project, and would be the first film to be officially authorized by the singer’s estate.

The Altitude Film Distribution arm behind “Amy” — the documentary released last year on singer Amy Winehouse — is said to be preparing to introduce the film to buyers in Cannes next month.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Macdonald said he wouldn’t “shy away from the darker parts of Whitney’s life,” including her descent into addiction.

“I want audiences to walk out of the cinema and feel positive about Whitney and her music,” he added. “I want to reveal a woman that even her most die-hard fans never knew; and a woman those new to her life and music will never forget.”

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