Derek Ramsay (MNS Photo)

Derek Ramsay (MNS Photo)

Actor Derek Ramsay’s Best Actor win for his performance in the romantic-comedy “English Only, Please” has opened more opportunities for him.

In an interview, Derek admits he was offered three movies after the triumph, including one that could reunite him with her “English Only, Please” co-star Jennylyn Mercado.

“Pero pwede pang mabago ’yun,” he said, adding, “A lot of ideas are being thrown right now.”

While many believe Derek finally got his groove back, the actor himself attested, “Even before the success of the movie, even at the height of the controversy (with estranged wife Mary Christine Jolly filing case after case against him), I was blessed with (many) endorsements na.”

He is learning to take criticisms on his win in stride. “If I worry about (people questioning my Best Actor award), it’s just gonna pull me down. You can not please everybody, that’s an impossible task, but you can respect everybody. So for me, whatever feelings were expressed, na they don’t think I deserve the award, I respect it,” said he.

Derek is content “there are more people who think of me highly, na sinasabing deserve ko ang award, than those who just want to bash me.”

He is okay with doing more rom-com films in the near future but he hinted at his preference for a period piece instead. He expressed interest in the possibility of portraying Filipino hero Lapu-Lapu.

Dream role ko kasi is to do something historical. Sana this year may magawa ako. I love war films,” said he.

He also wants to play a bad guy in a “dark movie,” something similar to the character he portrayed in the independent film “The Janitor.”

Without going into the nitty gritty, Derek revealed having to pay a penalty for failing to attend the 2014 MMFF Awards Night. Derek was on vacation with his family in Batangas at the time.

“That night, my dad said, ‘Okay we’ll go down with you for the awards night.’ I said, ‘Dad, no, this is not fair to you guys, you’ve done too much for me,’” he recounted, noting how the rest of the family already came all the way from Tagaytay to Manila to attend his film’s block screening on Dec. 25.

Derek also intoned that family should “always comes first.”

One of the things that make Derek happy these days is his renewed relationship with his son, Austin.

Even sometimes sinusumpong at nagtatampo, I can see that he loves me. Ang sarap ng feeling na marinig mo lang ’yung three words (na I love you), makakalimutan mo na lahat ng (problema),” Derek related.

Although Austin lives with his mom in Dubai, Derek has his priorities straight. “My goal is to have a relationship with my son like the relationship I have with my dad. My goal is for us to be that close. It’s gonna be a long and slow process but that means I just have to work harder.”

As to his relationship with Mary Christine, Derek said, “There’s always gonna be problems but the magnitude of the problem is a lot less now… we do talk when we have to. I wouldn’t say we were best friends but we’re doing what’s best.”

Aside from various movie offers and endorsements, Derek will headline TV5 primetime sitcom “Mac & Chiz” along with comedian Empoy.

He will play the role of the handsome businessman named Macario “Mac” Vasquez, the heir to the successful chain of family restaurants called Kubyertos.

Mahirap siya kasi comedy but it is all about timing,” said Derek.

He enjoys working with Empoy, saying, “Tawa ako nang tawa, ang hirap (pigilan) pero kailangan ko siyang sabayan. With that I mean just be sharp since he’s the experienced comedian; I have to learn from him and let him lead.” (MNS)