YouTube screenshot: Derrick Nix Punches The Big Ten ©2012 YouTube, LLC

(Relaxnews) – Gerald Green’s windmill slam-dunk for the New York Nets, Derek Boateng’s one-man Ukranian soccer rumble, and choice words from AC Milan’s Ibrahimovic top the YouTube weekly sports charts on March 15.

YouTube’s most watched sports videos of the week (All-time views in parentheses)
1) Gerald Green… Are You Kidding Me? (2,123,182 views)
2) 3 knockdowns in 10 seconds! Amazing Red Card for Boateng (481,648)
3) Ibrahimovic taunts journalist (461,322)
4) Unbelievable mistake from Japanese goalie (430,419)
5) Derrick Nix Punches The Big Ten (418,449)
6) Bobcast vs Nets! (414,350)
7) Kimi Raikkonen Top Gear Video Teaser (404,000)
8) Epic Miss by Luiz Adriano! (387,653)
9) FC Barcelona – Alex Morgan interview (361,218)
10) Neymar’s 65m, 31kmh run (358,256)