A look at Next Restaurant's El Bulli tribute menu. ©Next/YouTube screen shot

(Relaxnews) – Against a dramatic, emotion-soaked soundtrack, images from a new intro video provide a glimpse into chef Grant Achatz’s kitchen as he attempts to recreate a legendary menu from the shores of Catalonia — the ‘Next El Bulli’ — in his Chicago restaurant.

In a YouTube preview of his El Bulli menu uploaded February 8, Achatz takes viewers behind the scenes into the ‘re-making’ of the Spanish restaurant which, for years, was widely recognized as the best in the world before it closed its doors last summer.

The fourth installment of Next — a concept restaurant that changes menus and themes every three months — opened Wednesday night as a culinary tribute to El Bulli chef Ferran Adrià, who is described in the four-minute video as one of the rare artists of the century who changed the world ‘forever.’

Indeed, some of today’s hottest, most dynamic chefs — a group that includes Achatz, René Redzepi of Copenhagen’s Noma and Andoni Luis Aduriz of Spain’s Mugaritz — began their careers apprenticing at El Bulli before moving on to carry on Adrià’s culinary gospel in their respective countries, a religion that gave chefs permission to marry science with food and challenged people’s preconceived notions about the traditional dining experience.

Meanwhile, though Next’s tribute menu for El Bulli has been, perhaps, the restaurant’s most anticipated so far since its 2011 opening, Achatz has also been accused of pulling of the gastronomic equivalent of plagiarism by copying the same recipes of another chef.

The 28-course meal replicates some of El Bulli’s most famous dishes over the last 25 years, including spherical olives, chicken liquid croquettes, smoke foam, gorgonzola balloon and foie gras caramel custard.

The four-minute video is likely the closest thing most foodie fans will get to experiencing a Next El Bulli meal, as tickets for the coveted event are currently sold out. The restaurant’s Facebook page, however, makes regular updates on ticket availability for last-minute seatings.

Cameras zoom into a row of single red roses suspended from the dining room ceiling, and pan over to images of gastronomic alchemy: yellow pearls of caviar, coral-colored foam and yolk-like coins which all belie their true flavors.

To see the complete menu, visit Eater.com which has both the English and Spanish versions.

To watch the video, check out http://bit.ly/zE6xYQ.