'Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn, Part 1' DVD package ©All Rights Reserved

(LOS ANGELES-Relaxnews) – Months before the much-anticipated finale of the Twilight Saga, 500 select stores of the American retailer Target will unveil an exclusive excerpt from the film during the night of February 10-11.

The midnight unveiling of Part 2, the final installment, will be presented as an in-store promotion for the DVD and Blu-ray release of Breaking Dawn, Part 1.

The final installment of the vampire romance starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner follows the Cullens as they gather other vampire clans in an attempt to protect their child.

Tickets will be distributed at 9 pm, the premiere begins at 11 pm, and the stores close at 1 am. Fans are expected to start lining up earlier.

Target will also sell a special Limited Edition DVD for the Part 1 package with “authentic prop flowers from the Bella and Edward’s wedding scene, encased in a collectible keepsake.” The price is to be determined.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 opens in US theaters November 16.

The website: http://www.breakingdawn-themovie.com