The most popular cooking video this week? Swiss meat rolls stuffed with mac and cheese, hot dogs, pepperoni and sheets of bacon. ©2012 YouTube, LLC

(Relaxnews) – The most viewed cooking video uploaded this week involves a reinvention of the sweet Swiss roll into a massive log of meat created by “food pornographers” Epic Meal Time.

In place of chocolate cake and vanilla cream,  the foul-mouthed burly Montreal-based team at Epic Meal Time stuff fire-roasted jalapenos, pepperoni, macaroni and cheese, hot dog wieners, cheese, pepperoni, and of course, their favorite protein — sheets of bacon — into “ground beef blankets” or tidy Swiss rolls.

Here is a selection of five of the most viewed YouTube cooking videos as of 9:30 am GMT, June 14.

1. Swiss Meat Roll Epic Meal Time 1,051,708 views

2. Baked Eggs – Eggs Baked in a Spicy Creamy Tomato Sauce
Popular cooking channel FoodWishes offers this spicy baked eggs recipe as a Father’s Day brunch idea. Ingredients include marinara sauce, red pepper flakes and Parmigiano. 63,359 views

3. Homemade Pavlova
YouTube food celebrity chef Laura Vitale whips up a Pavlova topped with summer berries. 61,121 views

4. How to make Kakiage-don かき揚げ丼
A Japanese video with English subtitles and voiceovers on how to make this rice bowl topped with a tempura-like vegetable and shrimp pancake, by runnyrunny999. 52,049 views

5. Strawberry Syrup
FoodWishes creates a strawberry syrup that can be used to make homemade sodas. 51,648 views