The Simpsons characters are well-traveled. ©AFP PHOTO / GABRIEL BOUYS

(Relaxnews) – The Simpsons celebrated the 500th episode last week, with a special episode which saw them banned from their hometown Springfield.

To celebrate the milestone and the Simpsons’ latest forced migration (the family have a history of being sent away, often to apologize for a misdemeanor), Slate Magazine has compiled a round-up of all of the travel destinations America’s favourite family has visited.

The results are illuminating, with Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie visiting many more countries than the average American family unit.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Canada appears to be the top travel destination, cropping up three times on family vacations and one clandestine trip by Homer and Grampa in season 16.

After Canada came the United Kingdom, which is indeed the most-visited overseas destination for Americans, followed by — somewhat surprisingly — India, which has been visited by all of the Simpsons (and twice by Homer) but accounts for just three percent of overseas visits by Americans.

The map also gives viewers a little insight into where the Simpsons may head to next on their voyages — perhaps surprisingly, they don’t appear to have visited Spain or Germany (both in the top five European destinations for US travelers).

Neither have they visited New Zealand or South Africa, despite the fact that it’s by far the most popular destination in Africa for US travelers.

As Slate notes, of course, while we can map the travels of the stars, the data leaves us no clearer as to the most mysterious destination of all — the hometown of the Simpsons featured in the show, Springfield.

See the map: