Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills
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(Relaxnews) – The resounding success of Taken 2 just opened the door for a threequel, according to co-scriptwriter Robert Mark Kamen in an article on

Taken 2‘s opening weekend gross of $117 million worldwide is music to the ears of Fox Studios, or as Kamen puts it: “Fox wants us to do a third one,” referring to his partnership with French producer Luc Besson.

Taken 3 will happen, despite lead actor Liam Neeson’s recently expressed doubts about a return of retired agent Bryan Mills during the promotion of Taken 2.

Robert Mark Kamen shares a different point of view: “We’ve taken everyone we can take — [Taken 3] is going to go in another direction. Should be interesting.” He also mentions the possibility of following the pattern of the Bourne saga, which moves on with a different lead.

Liam Neeson, however, has not ruled out a comeback. After the original Taken, the British actor was initially opposed to a sequel until he read the script.

Taken 2 also broke a box-office record: the best opening for a French production.

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