Sweet! Pez candies to get the movie treatment

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015. Filed under: Entertainment Film Home & Garden Offbeat
Pez ©Tobik/shutterstock.com


(Relaxnews) – Thought that news of an emoji-themed film couldn’t be topped? How about a film based entirely on the Pez dispenser?

That’s right. The pastel-colored candies that are really just fillers for the iconic Pez dispenser are being given their own animated movie treatment, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

An Austrian invention, the pocket-sized, mechanical candy dispensers were invented 83 years ago in Vienna and have since become collectibles, with the heads of everyone from the Duke of Cambridge to Bilbo Baggins topping the candy conveyors.

The film will be produced by Envision Media Arts, and the screenplay penned by Cameron Fay.


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