"Street Society" poster ©All rights reserved - Ewis Pictures

“Street Society” poster
©All rights reserved – Ewis Pictures

(Relaxnews) – Here’s Indonesia’s take on the motoracing genre in “Street Society,” due February 20, in which illegal street racer Rio tries to get away from the scene by taking on the most dangerous sprint of all.

Glossy supercars speed through the island’s city streets and coastal roads by day and night, with Rio installed as the handsome protagonist now trying to settle down with Karina, a local club DJ.

All seems to be going to plan — with a comic mishap or two along the way — until unstable rival racer Yopie turns up with an axe to grind, a penchant for kidnapping, and an insistance that Rio take down one of his old enemies in exchange for Karina’s safety.

Official “Street Society” trailer: youtu.be/IncmIJhyLOo
Website: streetsociety.com