By Leonel Abasola

(File photo) 

MANILA – Senator Raffy Tulfo has filed a measure seeking for more hospital beds and fast lane facilities for teachers and their dependents for them to have easy access to all their hospitalization needs.

In filing Senate Bill 1921 or the “Public School Teachers’ Hospital Benefits Act,” Tulfo said his measure also seeks to provide health benefits to teachers and their dependents in all government hospitals.

“Teachers hold one of the most vital jobs in the country which is fostering the curiosity of the youth, while also molding them to be responsible and informed citizens. They are the Philippines’ unsung heroes that are essentially one of the most integral resources that the country can provide its students,” Tulfo said in his explanatory note.

According to the senator, there is a need to provide teachers with additional benefits, especially in the health sector as they are exposed to a multitude of health risks like pharyngitis, hypertension, anemia, hyperacidity and many more.

The proposed measure also accounts for special discounts and an increase in health insurance coverage in order to further lessen the burden of paying expensive hospital bills.

The measure also mandated all government hospitals to grant 10 percent discount on consultations and other hospital needs for teachers and their dependents.

Public school teachers must bring their Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) identification card and valid proof of employment in a public school and if their dependents wish to avail of this benefit, they must also be accompanied by the teacher and must bring one government ID or birth certificate

It also mandates all government hospitals to conduct medical and other relevant diagnostic examinations to ensure the physical and mental capability of all teacher applicants; set up a system that will effectively monitor the health condition of teachers and their dependents. (PNA)