Solenn Heussaff (MNS photo)

MANILA, Sept 18 (Mabuhay) -– Unafraid of ruffling some feathers, model-actress Solenn Heussaff revealed that she has lived with her boyfriends and maintained that it is perfectly fine to do so.

“I’ve lived with my boyfriends. I believe that before you marry someone, you have to live with that person first. You won’t know what he’s like unless you live with him. Why wait to find out about the little things that will annoy you later?” she said.

Heussaff, who grew up in different countries, observed that Filipino women tend to be “always afraid of what their parents will say.”

“But they’ll (parents) love you no matter what you do. It’s better to have that one big blowup with them – just get it out there – than to pretend you’re okay and live miserably for the rest of your life,” she explained. “Your parents will come around.”

Heussaff said she has only had three boyfriends, with the current based in Argentina. “Can you imagine, I’m in a relationship with someone who has to be from the country that’s farthest from the Philippines? So I really looked all over the world for him!” she said.

She was previously linked to hunk actor Derek Ramsay, who is newly single after breaking up with actress Angelica Panganiban. (MNS)