Snooky Serna (MNS Photo)

Snooky Serna (MNS Photo)

MANILA  (Mabuhay) — Awarded actress Snooky Serna has been wowing fans with her performance on the GMA 7 primetime drama “My Faithful Husband,” where she plays Cedes, the mother of lead star Dennis Trillo.

One of the more memorable scenes she did for the show was the cat fight with co-star Rio Locsin, which was riveting.

According to Snooky, she is now more conscious about the roles she picks, noting how she only wants to do challenging ones.

She has nothing against playing lead roles but she would rather take on off-beat roles.

“It’s a conscious effort on my part to take on risky roles and be experimental in acting,” she explained.

Apparently, she wants to further mine the depths of her abilities as actress.

She wants to do away with typical roles she is known for early on in her career.

“Noong araw kasi ‘yung roles ko Snooky na martyr, kawawa or laging umiiyak,” she shared. “So, ngayon, kahit na kontrabida ‘yung role I will take it as long as may lalim at malaman.”

Aside from “My Faithful Husband,” Snooky is also preparing to work on an indie film under director Jason Paul Laxamana as produced by BG Productions International.

“I’m grateful for Ms. Baby Go of BG Productions for giving me this chance and I’m excited,” she expressed.

With the working title “Nuclear Family,” the film has Snooky playing a rich woman who would adopt poor young men she found on the streets.

Asked if she is willing to do daring scenes in “Nuclear Family,” Snooky replied, “You can be daring in terms of the way you portray your roles and how you deliver your lines but not necessarily ‘yung paghuhubad. I can bare my back pero ‘yung paghuhubad off na ‘yun. Pag-uusapan namin siguro.” (MNS)