(Relaxnews) – A 30-second set-up for “Jurassic World” fills out some of the big name film’s backstory.

Raptor trainer Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) arrives on the scene to view one of the dinosaur theme park’s most notable attractions: a carnivorous beast with an appetite for destruction.

A laboratory creation achieved by fusing elements from a selection of the dinosaur era’s most savage hunters, Indominus rex is living up to its name, breaking out of its pen and running roughshod over the park’s security precautions.

Colin Trevorrow of “Safety Not Guaranteed” is directing; the trailer’s June 12 date is valid for the USA, Canada, the UK, and much of continental Europe and South America, with a number of other European, South American and South East Asian territories opening their public showings earlier in the week.

Jurassic Park trailer – “The Park is Open June 12” – youtu.be/yaWuNjHH2xA