By Benjamin Pulta

Supreme Court (File photo)

MANILA – The Supreme Court (SC) dismissed a complaint against two Quezon City judges and a court social worker by a litigant seeking custody of his child.

The 12-page resolution published Tuesday turned down the complaint against judges Lily Ann Padaen and Cleto Villacorta III, and court social worker Teresita Matriz, accused of “fraud, dishonesty, bad faith and corruption“ by Jeffrey Sy Liao.

Liao, who was locked in a custody battle with his estranged spouse, was likewise required to explain within 15 days why he should not be cited in contempt for the use of abusive language in his complaint against the magistrates.

The judges limited Liao’s visitation rights after he violated the rules set by the court and social worker.

He also complained when the court did not allow his son to travel with him to Taiwan at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“(W)hen the disappointment of the losing litigant turns into hatred because he fails to get what he wants and he resorts to detestable language, then the Court has to draw the line,” the court said, referring to Liao’s multiple emails sent to the SC Judicial Integrity Board.

“(The) complainant’s myopic view is that any decision adverse to him is unjust, arbitrary and unlawful. Conversely, a decision is fair and correct only if it conforms with his position. In such a case, then every man will be a law unto himself,” the decision read further. “The complainant has every right to think highly of himself and of his own interpretation of the law. That is his prerogative. He cannot, however, demand that the court adopt his view.” (PNA)