Phillip Salvador (MNS photo)

Phillip Salvador (MNS photo)

The Supreme Court (SC) has upheld the Court of Appeals (CA) decision that acquitted actor Phillip Salvador of estafa.

The high court denied the petition for review filed by Salvador’s former girlfriend, Cristina Castillo a.k.a. Cristina Decena, and affirmed the appellate court’s Feb. 11, 2010 decision in favor of Salvador.

The appellate court junked a trial court ruling that found Salvador guilty of estafa; the trial court also meted a four- to 20-year imprisonment on Salvador.

Castillo claimed to have given Salvador US$100,000 as payment to a certain Charlie Chau for a pair of earrings she bought from Chau.

Salvador allegedly used the money elsewhere.

In its ruling, the SC said the prosecution failed to prove that all elements of estafa are present in Salvador’s case.

“For in fact, the prosecution’s primary witness herself could not even establish clearly and precisely how appellant committed the alleged fraud. She failed to convince us that she was deceived through misrepresentations and/or insidious actions,” the SC said. (MNS)