YouTube's JennisseMakeup offers a guide to St. Patrick's Day beauty ©2012 YouTube, LLC

(Relaxnews) – This Saturday, March 17, forget current on-trend tones such as pastels or neon brights because it’s Saint Patrick’s Day and the only color to be seen in will be green. Ahead of all those parties, here are a selection of beauty tutorials inspired by the Emerald Isle for its inhabitants and their honorary compatriots.


Whether you go for full-on smoky green or just a slithering of green liner, it’s the eyes that offer one of the easiest ways to honor Saint Patrick.

Green eyes
This smoky green eye look with shimmering undertones would work well for day or night-time celebrations.

Wing it
As well as being appropriate for the festivities, a green winged liner style is on trend too.

If the prospect of green lips or eye make-up is too daunting, a more subtle way to make a nod to Saint Paddy is with some Irish-inspired nail art.

Clover Nail Art
Using the technique of water marbling, this guide explains how to adorn nails with the traditional Irish clover.

Green glitter
For a more glamorous evening look, take inspiration from these glittery green nails, which also feature a four-leaf clover design.

Perhaps the trickiest of all beauty styles to pull off, green lips are for the most daring of partygoers.

Gradient lips
With a creamy green concealer, dark green is added to the outer lips before a light shade shimmers in the center.

Green lips
The addition of yellow tones offers a colorful take on Saint Patrick’s Day lips.

Before investing in a green wig, women with long tresses should consider these two more creative updos.

Ribbon braid hairdo

The star of this tutorial may be a child, but the diagonal braid with woven green ribbon would be perfect for longhaired ladies looking to stand out at a party.

Shamrock updo

Another style modeled by a child, but this flipped ponytail creates a shamrock shape that would offer an original look for adults too.