"The Voices" premieres February 6 in the US. ©2015 YouTube, LLC

“The Voices” premieres February 6 in the US.
©2015 YouTube, LLC

(Relaxnews) – Entertainment Weekly released the first trailer for the new feature from Marjane Satrapi, the Iranian writer and director best known for “Persepolis” (2007), an adaptation of her own comic book.

A horror comedy with talking animals, “The Voices” is certainly far from conventional. Ryan Reynolds stars as Jerry, a slightly deranged factory worker. Though in treatment for his mental disorder, he continues to have imaginary conversations with his dog and his cat. The feline even convinces Jerry to kill Fiona, his love interest played by Gemma Arterton (recently seen in “Gemma Bovery”). He decides to store her head in his fridge and goes on to have other hallucinatory conversations with it.

“The Voices” is Satrapi’s first English-language feature and her fourth feature overall. She garnered critical acclaim in 2007 for “Persepolis,” which she brought to the big screen with Vincent Paronnaud.

“The Voices” premieres in select theaters in the US on February 6.

Watch the trailer: http://youtu.be/2fKu_NMbNKM