RUFFA Gutierrez (MNS photo)

RUFFA Gutierrez (MNS photo)

RUFFA Gutierrez, all the while, thought that after her failed marriage to Turkish Yilmaz Bektas, she would remain a single mother to her two daughters, Lorin and Venice, forever.

But, as she realizes now, one cannot really tell what the future holds.

“Lalo’t where pag-ibig is concerned,” Ruffa beamed.

Currently in love with French-Israeli Jordan Mouyal, an Information Technology expert, Ruffa reveals that she might consider marriage again.

And it looks like it’s just a matter of time before Jordan pops the question.

Ruffa is happy that her mother, Annabelle Rama, who openly disliked Jordan at first, now approves of him. Her two daughters, too, are in favor of having him for a stepfather.

Close ang dalawang bata kay Jordan,” Ruffa related. “Especially Venice, since si Jordan ang nagtu-tutor sa kanya sa kanyang French lessons.”

Lorin and Venice go to an international school.

Ruffa may not be as busy on TV as before, but she is in the reality show, “It Takes Guts To Be a Gutierrez” on cable.

Ganunpaman, that doesn’t mean I’m not busy,” she counters.

Halimbawa, ngayon I’m busy talking to several important people in the apparel business. They want to be among the sponsors of the kiddie fashion show I am producing.

“The young participants in the show will wear the exclusive designs of Rajo Laurel,” she adds.

Of course, her daughters are in the fashion show.

Another business venture, according to Ruffa, requires her to go abroad once in a while.

Does this mean she’s no longer interested in local showbiz?

Susmaryosep naman!” she says.  “Anytime I get myself an offer na worth it, kumbaga, ang role, I will gladly take it.”

Her mom Annabelle remains her talent manager. (MNS)