A St. Paddy's Day recipe for chocolate cake calls for stout instead of milk. ©Yeko Photo Studio/shutterstock.com

(Relaxnews) – Take any recipe, swap out the liquid for stout, and you’ve instantly rejigged the recipe —  Irish style.

For St. Patrick’s Day, here’s a round-up of recipe ideas that takes liberal — and creative –use of Ireland’s unofficial national drink for the most sacred of Irish holidays.

Beef and Dark Beer Chili
Editors at Epicurious.com claim that adding stout to chili will make the dish taste beefier. They also suggest that the “malty sweetness” of Sam Adams Cream Stout makes for an ideal companion.

Beer and Cheddar Soup
Food & Wine magazine offers up a rich, hearty St. Paddy’s Day recipe that packs a flavorful punch with ingredients like pilsner, lager, smoked and sharp cheddar, jalapenos, bacon and garlic.

Irish Beef and Stout Stew
This one-pot meal from Martha Stewart calls for beef chuck and a can of Irish stout beer.

Chocolate Stout Brownies
Add a cup of stout to a traditional brownie batter to up the fudge factor.

Chocolate Stout Layer Cake with Chocolate Frosting
In addition to swapping milk for chocolate stout in the recipe, Bon Appétit magazine suggests pairing the cake with a tall glass of beer as well. If you want to be decadent, editors also suggest turning the pint into a float by adding a few scoops of vanilla ice cream.

And for a vlog on how to make traditional Irish mashed potatoes with leeks and scallions known as colcannon, check out popular web show Food Wishes athttp://bit.ly/z5lzIM.