'Dungeon Defenders' has 3 Gamers' Choice nominations. ©All rights reserved - Trendy Entertainment

(Relaxnews) – Visitors to the North American PlayStation Network Store can cast their votes in the 2012 Gamers’ Choice Awards starting February 28, with results announced March 6.

Effectively, users of the PSN Store are voting on upcoming sale titles, as each category winner will then be given a one week discount of 30% from March 12 onwards, rising to 50% for members of the PlayStation Plus scheme.

As a thank-you, Sony is offering participants a free PlayStation 3 theme for each vote cast in return.

Over nine categories, anti-hero caper Infamous: Festival of Blood and stylized side-scroller PixelJunk Shooter 2 are nominated twice, while the deceptively difficult multiplayer tower defense of Dungeon Defenders earns three nominations overall.

Last year’s winners were the one-time Xbox 360 exclusive Castle Crashers, top-down shooter Age of Zombies (a PSN, iOS and Android game from the developer of Fruit Ninja), the PSP’s God of War: Ghost of Sparta, and 2-player apocalyptic survival title Dead Nation.

Microsoft’s competing console, the Xbox 360, runs a similar scheme whereby once a year users are invited to vote on an upcoming Deal of the Week.