By Anna Leah Gonzales

CHRISTMAS MESSAGE. President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. extends his heartfelt greeting to Filipinos this Christmas. In his message on Sunday (Dec. 24, 2023), the President reminded Filipinos to spread hope this holiday season. (Photo courtesy of PCO)

MANILA – President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. has urged Filipinos to remember the genuine meaning of Christmas and become an instrument of hope and light for those who are in need this Holiday season. 

In his message, Marcos said Christmas is a special occasion for Filipinos in honor of the birth of Christ through Simbang Gabi (Dawn Mass), gift-giving and feasts with friends, relatives and loved ones. 

“But more than just a day of celebration, let us be reminded that the true meaning of Christmas lies in the recognition of the season as an opportunity to reach out to those who are suffering from solitude, sickness, and poverty,” he said. 

“Indeed, there is no better way for us to share the gift of Christmas than by spreading hope to those who need it the most this holiday season. Let us kindle our hearts with goodwill, kindness, and compassion as we spread merriment in our home and communities,” he added. 

Marcos said that by doing so, “Filipinos will not only bring peace, love and unity, but become living instruments of the timeless adage that God’s work here on earth is truly our own.” 

“Isang Maligayang Pasko sa ating lahat! (Merry Christmas to all of us)!” Marcos said.(PNA)