Patrick Garcia reassures wife: No need to be insecure

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016. Filed under: Entertainment Filipino Stars
Patrick Garcia (MNS Photo)

Patrick Garcia (MNS Photo)

“There was no reason to be insecure in the first place,” actor Patrick Garcia told his wife, Nikka Martinez, who recently opened up about her fears over being compared to actress Jennylyn Mercado.

Garcia posted on Instagram a photo of him and Martinez taken during their wedding day back in March 2015.

“They say when someone leaves you it only means one thing, that the Lord has someone better for you and when that someone came into my life I married her!” he wrote as the caption.

He added: “In connection with your blog post I just want to let you know that you are kinder, smarter, more loving, wiser, nicer, more gorgeous, beautiful and sexier inside and out. Oh my love I’m telling you there was no reason to be insecure in the first place. You are the best for me! I love you.”

In a recent blog post, Martinez admitted that she had always shied away from meeting Mercado, the mother of Garcia’s first child, during the early parts of her relationship with the actor. “I didn’t know how to act,” she wrote.

Martinez explained that she and Mercado only became close after she asked her for permission to have Jazz—Garcia’s son with the actress—appear at her wedding.

Garcia first made public his relationship with Martinez in October 2013, in an interview with a local magazine where he also introduced his first child with Martinez, Chelsea. The two welcomed the birth of their second daughter, Patrice, in January.

Garcia and Mercado broke up in 2008.(MNS)

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