“Psy’s Gangnam Style Hits Thailand’s Navy: Thai Sailors make Horseriding Dance Video at Phuket Base ” screenshot video
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(Relaxnews) – A video featuring Thai sailors dancing to K-pop rapper Psy’s chart-topping “Gangnam Style” has landed the sailors in hot water, reported the Bangkok Post this week.

The video, showing the Third Naval Command Centre sailors performing the rodeo-style dance at their base in Phuket, went viral in Thailand after it was uploaded on YouTube last week. The Youtube clip had more than 482,000 views as of Friday.

Some senior ranking naval officers were reportedly unhappy with the spoof, calling the video “improper.”

But Third Naval Area commander Tharaton Khachitsuwan defended the making of the video, saying that it was made as part of an entertainment program for retired personnel at an event in Phuket on September 26. He added that the spoof was not meant for public viewing.

“I told my subordinates that the video should be entertaining to watch and help promote unity in the unit,” Vice Admiral Khachitsuwan told the daily. “I told them my idea that they should make it fun, probably mimicking the ‘Gangnam Style’ dance moves which are so popular now, but I didn’t think things would turn out this way.”

“Gangnam Style,” which recently hit the top spot on the British music charts as well as the No. 2 spot on the US charts, has spawned numerous video parodies around the world, including one made by 14 lifeguards and pool employees in the US who were subsequently fired after the video was uploaded on YouTube. The video, titled “Lifeguard Style,” featured the 14 employees dancing in the El Monte Aquatic Center in South California, which officials said was a violation of the city’s policies prohibiting the use of city resources for personal use without authorisation.

Watch the Thai sailors’ interpretation of “Gangnam Style”: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHx4nF7jJzI