The Sesame Ring ©Kickstarter/ Ring Theory

The Sesame Ring
©Kickstarter/ Ring Theory

(Relaxnews) – Two MIT students want to do away with transit cards and replace them with a customizable 3D-printed ring.

Its creators say the Sesame Ring was inspired by the fact that they’ve often missed the metro because they couldn’t get their transit cards out of their pockets in time or because they’d forgotten it altogether. Getting together one weekend to brainstorm a solution, they came up with a wearable technology alternative.

Essentially a waterproof RFID-enabled tag (just like the innards of transit cards across the world from Tokyo to New York, Paris and London, as well as the students’ current hometown of Boston) inserted into a 3D-printed ring, the result is full access to the Boston public transport network with nothing more than a fist bump.

Available in a choice of black, white, red, blue, orange, yellow and with a gold or silver ring face, the Sesame Ring can also be customized so that its RFID tag face spells out a four-letter word or represents a design, be it a heart, the wearer’s initials or YOLO.

Launched on Kickstarter less than a week ago, it has already doubled its rather modest $5000 target with over two weeks left to run and its creators hope that the $20 device, which has already received official approval from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, will be in the hands, or rather on the fingers of their first owners in September. They also hope that if enough interest can be generated beyond Boston, that the Ring can gain acceptance on other US public transport routes.

For commuters that live outside Boston there are also other alternatives, such as wearing looser jeans so that their hands slide easily in and out of pockets, or wearing their transit cards on a keychain or as a necklace.