Screenshot: Corey Vidal in Star Wars skit "Clash at the Cantina" ©All rights reserved - YouTube LLC

Screenshot: Corey Vidal in Star Wars skit “Clash at the Cantina”
©All rights reserved – YouTube LLC

(Relaxnews) – As part of worldwide “Star Wars” celebrations on Sunday, the Star Wars YouTube channel co-ordinated a “May the 4th Be with YouTube” event with contributions from the likes of Corey Vidal, Bored Shorts, CollegeHumor and YouTube Nation.

Each four-to-five-minute skit provided an alternative take on events in the Star Wars Cantina, originally seen in “Star Wars Episode IV.”

Corey Vidal, Craig Benzine and Shay Carl teamed up with their own take on the classic clip, part wish fulfillment, part Canadians-as-Jedi theory. []

Bored Shorts’ Kid Snippets ensemble gave its own overdubbed take on negotiations between Han Solo, Luke and Obi-Wan, as the channel’s adult actors wrapped their mouths around a new set of semi-improvisational lines. []

College Humor took viewers behind the scenes of the Cantina Band, with try-outs (and out-takes) from the likes of Ben Folds, Liz Phair, Reggie Watts, Mark McGrath and mc chris [], while YouTubeNation summarized what we can learn from Star Wars parodies with a selection of the best unofficial spin-offs. []

“May the 4th Be with YouTube” playlist: