FitTrip iPad app ©FitTrip

FitTrip iPad app

(Relaxnews) – If you’re bored with treadmill runs or stationary bike rides, a new iPad app hopes to take you on a virtual spin through some of the world’s most gorgeous locales, from the Rocky Mountains to the Alps.

Now a Kickstarter campaign hoping to raise funds, FitTrip connects with a handful of popular heart rate monitors to sync the app with your workouts. The harder you exercise, the faster your heart beats, and the quicker the video plays to simulate how fast or slow you’re cycling or running.

The app features 30-minute “trips” to regions of France including Brittany, the Pyrénées, and the Alps, as well as gorgeous terrain in Utah and Colorado. But it comes at a price: after the Kickstarter campaign, users will pay $5.99/month to access the app’s library of videos. Early backers can buy longer-term subscriptions at lower rates: $25 for a six-month package.

FitTrip has already far surpassed its goal of $7,500 in under a week, which means backers should receive the app this November.

A competitor on the market is Virtual Runner, an iPad app that takes you on a tour through some of the world’s most famous jogging paths — such as New York’s Central Park or along the Great Barrier Reef — in high-definition video. Like FitTrip, the video is shown from the runner’s point of view to offer an interactive jogging experience.