In the latest episode by Epic Meal Time, Big Macs are rolled in a sheet of bacon and fries for their version of sushi. ©2012 YouTube, LLC

(Relaxnews) – In this week’s selection of top food-related YouTube videos uploaded this week, Epic Meal Time strikes again with battered, deep-fried Big Macs and bacon, burger sushi. A riot or ‘food fight’ also breaks out at a Florida Walmart and popular YouTube personality JarmaineTV cooks with quinoa pasta.

Here’s a selection of the top food-related videos of the week, as of 9 am, GMT, July 19.

Fast Food Fondue Mixology
The Montreal-based food pornographers Epic Meal Time take their obscene and brutish displays of fast food gluttony to the cocktail world, creating jet fuel with liquors and spirits, drinking from old boots, vitamin jars, and lunchboxes. Sushi is reinvented by replacing seaweed with a sheet of bacon, Big Mac halves for rice and fries for assorted fillings. Burgers are also battered and deep-fried, skewered onto junk food kebabs, and dunked in barbecue and McDonald’s special sauce fondues.

View count: 749,574

Walmart party/food fight
This video captures scenes from a Jacksonville, Florida Walmart after about 300 youths overtake their local store in what’s alternately called a ‘flash mob’ to full-blown ‘riot.’ The partyers came from an earlier party that had been broken up by police and took over the store, throwing produce at each other and destroying merchandise.

View count: 222,624

My Food Diary
It’s a six-minute video of YouTube personality JarmaineTV ranting about her adolescent diary-keeping habits. Skip to the 5-minute mark if you want her food magazine-inspired recipe for salmon and quinoa pasta. Otherwise, you’re in for an earful.

View count: 93,756

Man v Food…the Plastic Cup Boyz Edition
In a layman’s version of ‘Man versus Food,’ a pair of friends challenge each other to put down one- and two-pounds worth of burger — the slighter friend taking on the one-pound burger (0.5 kg), the heavier-set man upping the ante with two. The irony of the throwdown is that when it comes down to the finish, both men are panting as though they were running a marathon.

View count: 65,368

Friday cooking show #2
Popular gaming personality SwiftyIRL’s makes what he calls a ‘potato cake’ with his mom, layers of mashed potatoes, ground beef, and processed cheese.

View count: 57,729