Morissette breaks silence, laments snap judgment

Friday, May 18th, 2018. Filed under: Entertainment Filipino Stars

08morissetteMANILA, May 8 (Mabuhay) — Breakout singer Morissette, a former ward of Sarah Geronimo on “The Voice of the Philippines,” addressed accusations that she mocked the recent emotional breakdown of the pop star, whom she continues to refer to as her idol.

Morissette, 21, denied the rumor, countering one by one the details of the supposed incident.

“Wala pong nangyaring gano’n talaga. Napanood ko ‘yung video ni ate Sarah na umiiyak, I was at home with my family,” she said, contrary to the accusation that she was seen laughing as she watched the same video while on the set of “Umagang Kay Ganda,” ABS-CBN’s morning magazine program.

A version of the story alleged Morissette was inside an “Umagang Kay Ganda” dressing room with fellow singer Angeline Quinto, when they both supposedly ridiculed their “ASAP” co-star’s meltdown.

Morissette stressed she never entered a dressing room for her recent guest appearance on the show, adding that “Umagang Kay Ganda” staff can even validate this claim.

She also brought up the fact that one of the show’s hosts, Amy Perez, already denied that she has an assistant or companion, who, according to the rumor, witnessed Morissette and Quinto’s behavior.

“Nagulat ako,” Morissette said. “Bakit naman po kami dinadamay ni Angeline, na ginawan pa kami ng ganoong kuwento?”

The “Akin Ka Na Lang” hitmaker lamented the fact that despite the lack of evidence backing the accusation, some people on social media were quick to believe and make snap judgment.

She said: “Nagulat po ako na ang daming naniwala sa wala namang evidence. It’s sad that people can believe that fast. I’m just sad about that.”

Like Quinto, who broke down in tears amid the mudslinging from so-called fans of Geronimo, Morissette said there have been “people around me who have been comforting me naman, texts from co-artists na nagsabi na sana OK lang daw ako.”

“I’m OK, I’m not bothered by it, because malinis naman ang konsensiya ko. I know I did nothing like that,” she added.

With a showbiz career that skyrocketed in 2014 via “The Voice,” Morissette said she can identify with colleagues in the industry, like Geronimo, when it comes to being exhausted from work.

“Of course, I feel for her, because I am in that same nature of work. I also get tired, I also have moments like that, na feeling ko, pagod na pagod na ako, pero I still have to do it for my audience, for my craft. I owe it to them, to the people who work hard to make the show possible,” she said.

Morissette, who

has been vocal of her admiration for Geronimo since her “The Voice” audition, also mentioned that the pop star remains one of her idols in the industry.

“To say na I’m someone who would be laughing at someone as big as Sarah Geronimo, na sobrang ina-idol ko, grabe naman sila na binabaliktad nila ‘yun,” she said. (MNS)