Vega, Balrog, Paul and Law line up for battle in 'Street Fighter X Tekken' ©All rights reserved - Capcom

(Relaxnews) – Combat crossover Street Fighter X Tekken has bolstered its menu of martial artists by six, bringing the total number of characters to over thirty.

Boxer Balrog (in part based on Mike Tyson) and clawed bullfighter Vega are series stalwarts, while Taekwondo practitioner Juri joined the team in 2010’sSuper Street Fighter IV.

On the Tekken side of things, Bruce Lee homage Marshall Law and friend Paul Phoenix have been around since 1994; Chinese martial artist Ling Xiaoyu was introduced in 1997 by way of Tekken 3.

The game is the result of a partnership between Street Fighter creator Capcom and Tekken publisher Namco.

Capcom gets first shot at matching up the two franchises, with March’s Street Fighter X Tekken. Namco then follows up with its own take, Tekken X Street Fighter.

It’s not the first time the two companies have teamed up — 2005’s PlayStation 2 game Namco X Tekken attests to that — and Capcom has been popularizing crossovers since 1996’s X-Men vs Street Fighter.

Nor is Capcom the only one to make the most of a crossover opportunity, as Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros series demonstrates, having united unlikely characters in battle since 1999.

The Ice Climbers, from 1989’s relatively obscure Ice Climber, have appeared in two of three entries, and Ness from mid-nineties RPG Earthbound (unavailable in Europe) is in all three.

Even Metal Gear Solid‘s Snake, otherwise absent from Nintendo consoles between 2004’s Twin Snakes and 2012’s Snake Eater 3D, sneaked his way into 2009’s Super Smash Bros Brawl.

Street Fighter X Tekken January character reveals trailer: