Matteo Guidicelli (MNS photo)

Matteo Guidicelli (MNS photo)

Matteo Guidicelli’s happy aura is not about him living a healthy lifestyle; it’s more because of his ongoing romantic relationship with Sarah Geronimo.

The 24-year old is very cautious when speaking about the relationship though and for good reason. The privacy has been key to the success of their relationship so far.

“You know I just want to protect everything that’s why I really don’t want to speak a lot about it. So I’m very careful and I’m also scared to be misinterpreted,” explained Matteo.

He stressed the importance of privacy to their budding relationship.

“It’s not that strong yet. We still need to strengthen it. When it’s stronger and more stable then maybe we’ll be more comfortable and open about it,” he remarked.

Do they interfere with each other’s work?

“No. I respect Sarah’s work and she respects mine and we both love our work very much. We both can make our own decisions. But of course we also consult each other,” replied Matteo.

Meanwhile, Matteo cleared the issue that he has dropped his former manager Joji Dingcong.

“No. I didn’t do that. It used to be that I’m co-managed by Star Magic and Kuya Joji. Now my sole manager is Star Magic and Kuya Joji is my consultant. He’s been with me since I was 14 years old. Siyempre I was raised to be loyal and I don’t want to switch management so Joji will always be around. I love kuya Joji,” he shared.

Matteo’s next film under Regal Entertainment Inc., is “Shake, Rattle & Roll XV” via the episode “Flight 666″ with Lovi Poe. (MNS)