The viral video "iPad 3 - Exclusive Preview on magical features" ©2012 YouTube, LLC

(Relaxnews) – Following on from his “magical” preview of iOS 5, YouTube user and optical illusionist Simon Pierro has pulled another trick out of his hat, scoring a viral hit with his preview of the iPad 3.

Going under the YouTube user name of iOSmagic, Simon Pierro often demos some of the potential features of highly anticipated Apple products.

In his latest video, “iPad 3 – Exclusive Preview on magical features,” Simon Pierro looks at what extra features could be included on Apple’s next gen iPad — the iPad3 — which is hotly tipped to be announced at an Apple event on March 7.

Some of the “magical” iPad features included in Pierro’s video include a “helium app” which allows the device to defy gravity, instant printing of pictures, on-tap beer and an advanced Siri which can take human form.

Since being uploaded on March 1 the video has been viewed, as of March 5, over 631,000 times, and according to YouTube it was one of the top trending videos over the weekend.

The full video is available to watch on YouTube at

Simon Pierro’s preview of iOS 5, released June 4, 2011, currently has nearly five million views and can be watched at:

In the runup to Apple’s March 7 announcement, several other concept iPad 3 videos are appearing on YouTube, including one by Aatma Studios which has over three million views.