Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola (MNS photo)

MANILA, Aug 24 (Mabuhay) — Host Luis Manzano and wife Jessy Mendiola recently talked about being soon-to-be parents.

In a recent vlog, the couple opened up more about becoming parents days after revealing having their first child.

“You’ll never really be ready,” the Kapamilya host said.

Manzano rated himself with 5 in 10, noting that while they have plans for their baby, they are aware that these may change quickly.

Mendiola, who echoed her husband’s sentiments, has been more mindful of her health.

She acknowledged the difficulty of transitioning to a mother but grateful for the lessons and discoveries she is getting along the way.

“I am excited but I am nervous, at the same time. It’s a nice adventure to be on,” she admitted.

The couple had been planning for a church wedding this year when the “pleasant surprise” came along.

Mendiola and Manzano got married in February 2021 in a garden ceremony, and belatedly announced having tied the knot two months later in April. (MNS)