Lovi Poe (MNS photo)

Lovi Poe (MNS photo)

Lovi Poe took time off from her busy schedule recently to be with street children under the care of Childhope Asia Philippines.

Apart from bringing them food, the “Beautiful Strangers” star joined the kids in sing-alongs and in several games.

It’s easy to think she is doing it for publicity’s sake but we were surprised to learn she’s been at it – and quietly at that – for six years now.

Said Samuel Guevara, chairman of Childhope Asia Philippines, “Lovi is a regular here with us. She really goes out of her way in helping and supporting our cause. We could only be thankful.”

He added, “Lovi doesn’t only visit the children to give food or to organize simple get-togethers, she actually participates in our programs like one time, she was in our Blumentritt office and she was teaching the kids.”

For Lovi, it’s all about paying it forward. “I do this mainly because I really want to share to these children the blessings I’ve been receiving. I love children and it pains me to see some of them suffer from neglect. My aim is to somehow help alleviate that. Kasi ’di ba we complain how hard our life is, minsan traffic lang we complain pero, if you see what these children go through on a daily basis, mahihiya ka,” she said.

Lovi relates to the children, saying, “Many think that being the daughter of the King of Filipino Movies, Fernando Poe Jr., that I lived my life like a princess, that I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. But no, I experienced hardships din.”

She didn’t go into details, though, as what’s important is extending help to the children.

Actually, Lovi didn’t want to publicize her efforts unless it’s misunderstood.

“The thing is, there is only so much I can do on my own. I am hoping that by letting others know about our efforts, they will be inspired to join in and us,” she explained.

Lovi plans to invite her friends to meet the kids. “Kasi if more people are involved, our task will be easier,” she explained.

“Education is a must for everyone. It should be a right not a privilege. I believe that through education, we empower these children to become better individuals,” Lovi said.

Apart from “Beautiful Strangers,” Lovi is working on “Lakambini,” a film about Gregoria de Jesus, the widow of hero Andres Bonifacio.

So, how does she find time for her advocacies?

“Mahirap. Actually, natagalan before I am able to visit them again dahil busy talaga lately. Pero kasi, if you really want to help you just have to exert more effort,” she said.

Coincidentally, her visit to Childhope Asia Philippines was on the day of her dad’s 76th birth anniversary.

“Nagkataon lang,” she quipped. “Sabi ko nga ang tagal ko na pinaplano bumisita dito, it’s just that ang hirap mag-schedule.”

Lovi has more activities planned for the children in the coming days.

“Gusto ko sila ilabas, like dalhin sila sa isang amusement park. Basta if my schedule permits, itutuloy ko ’yan.”