Kylie Jenner at November's American Music Awards The star is known for her voluminous pout. ©AFP PHOTO/FREDERIC J. BROWN

Kylie Jenner at November’s American Music Awards
The star is known for her voluminous pout.

(Relaxnews) – Kylie Jenner is all over the news at the moment after finally admitting that her overstated pout is down to dermal lip fillers rather than clever makeup. But don’t despair — it is still possible to get fuller chops armed with a few products and a couple of beauty tricks. Here’s how:

The first step is to exfoliate, as scrubbing away dead skin cells will help keep your makeup on for longer but also brings the blood to the surface, plumping lips naturally (if albeit just temporarily). There are plenty of lip exfoliators out there but brushing with a simple baby wipe can work just as well.

With a lip liner, draw an arch slightly above your natural cupid’s bow. Some bloggers like AdviseMyStyle recommend using a shade as close to your natural skin tone as possible, while others like Farahdhukai advise using a darker color, such as a warm brown. What most experts agree on is that it’s important to only “over draw” the top and bottom of your mouth, bringing the shape down to meet your natural lip line along the sides to avoid the curse of the “duck face.”

When it comes to color, matte is best. Too much shimmer can cause the light to bounce off the natural contours of the lip line, literally highlighting your fakery, as beauty blogger and makeup expert Desi Perkins explains. An opaque lipstick or paint will detract from the lines and keep the effect realistic. AdviseMyStyle even suggests taking a pressed powder and dabbing it along the upper lip line once the liner has been used, to absorb any shine and keep things as flat as possible.

You can also have fun playing around with shading and contouring your lips. Farahdhukai uses a darker pencil to emphasize the natural vertical creases in her smile, before using a lighter lip color to highlight the areas in between, leaving the effect of a big juicy pout. Marianna Hewitt also advocates shading in the outer corners of each lip for a 3D-contoured look.