Kris Bernal (MNS Photo)

Kris Bernal (MNS Photo)

Kris Bernal seemed exasperated when she took to social media to defend herself against those who think she has an eating disorder just because she is slim.

On Instagram, Bernal posted a video of her eating a hefty meal.

In the caption, the actress said she is “sick” of defending herself.

“Most people think having a naturally small built is a gift, others think it’s sickening, or serious conditions like anorexia. Trust me when I say I’ve heard it all! Most comments are really snide! I know I don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Besides, this is just one video,” she said.

“I’m sick of constantly defending myself about my figure. In this industry, everyone is just body obsessed. Sweethearts, being small doesn’t necessarily equate to having an eating disorder or being anorexic! It’s pretty obvious that the answer is: GENETICS,” she added.

In another post, Bernal asked for understanding that she is just “petite and small boned.”

“I was not born perfect. This is just a photo. What you see is only a piece of me. Whatever I do, please understand that I’m just petite and small boned. I’m only human too! Changing and growing,” she said.

She also shared pictures of her eating cake.(MNS)