(Relaxnews) – Warner Bros. could use the upcoming blockbuster as a launch pad for a post-Nolan reboot of the Batman saga.

It’s just a matter of time before Batman finds his way back to theaters.
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According to Batman-on-film.com, the reboot could happen in 2015, around the time when The Justice League will hit theaters. That’s one of the paths being considered by Warner Bros. to put the DC Comics icon into a new, much brighter light, in contrast with Christopher Nolan’s dark approach.

The authoritative fansite adds that Warner Bros. has yet to confirm just how much more of the new Batman will be headed to the silver screen in the years to come.

The studio is still looking for the a director for Justice League, which will introduce the new, lighter Dark Knight to audiences. David Yates, Ben Affleck and the Wachowskis are reportedly under consideration for taking up the task of shooting DC’s answer to rival comics publisher Marvel’s The Avengers. The Justice League flick will bring together DC comics headliners such as Superman, Wonder Woman and Flash.