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Actress Heart Evangelista said she hasn’t had a “better life” since she was in a relationship with former boyfriend actor Jericho Rosales in 2008.
Four years since her breakup with Rosales, Evangelista revealed that the dramatic actor remains her “one true love,” despite having been involved with other men since their separation.
“I still believe in the idea of a one true love, and it could be with somebody you don’t necessarily end up with. [For me] talagang si Jericho,” Evangelista said.
Only days after their breakup, Rosales wept on national television, relating in an interview his devastation over the split with the former teen star. According to him, “[it was] all because of the things being told to her, the lies,” that caused their separation.
“It’s not sad,” Evangelista said of not ending up with her “true love.”
“At least you met him. It’s not sad because it was so great that you’ll never, ever forget. You can still feel it to this day. The way I see it, I’m just so happy I experienced it because not all people do,” she added.
Looking back on their three-year relationship, Evangelista belatedly echoed Rosales’ sentiments on their relationship.
“[It was like] you and me against the world,” Evangelista said. “We could live in a kubo, I don’t care if we eat in a carinderia, my God, magkamay tayo! It’s the best life I ever had, and I will never forget it.”
In his post-breakup interview, Rosales also addressed the alleged disapproval of Evangelista’s parents of their relationship.
Since they parted ways, both have been involved in other romantic relationships. Currently, Rosales is in a relationship with Australian television host Kim Jones.
Meanwhile, Evangelista recently ended her relationship with Japanese-Brazilian model Daniel Matsunaga.
Of her split with Matsunaga, Evangelista reiterated that it was a case of “cultural differences.”
“He and I, we were too different. We couldn’t even get to fighting about the big things anymore because we were fighting about the little things,” she said.
No more than a month after her publicized breakup with Matsunaga, Evangelista was romantically linked to Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero, whose marriage with former wife Christine Flores was recently annulled.
Quizzed on moving on “too fast” from an ended relationship, Evangelista said: “They say I move on too fast, well I move too fast because when it’s over, it really is over for me.”
“It’s human nature for people to take for granted people who are always there. Ako naman, super giving. I give it my all, so for me, when it’s over, it’s over.” (MNS)