Jasmine Curtis-Smith (MNS Photo)

Jasmine Curtis-Smith (MNS Photo)

MANILA (Mabuhay) -– The latest post of Jasmine Curtis-Smith on her Snapchat account proves that her relationship with her sister, Anne, and her sister’s boyfriend, Erwan Heussaff, remains strong.

This comes amid the social media frenzy caused by a photo of Jasmine and Heussaff went viral online.

On Tuesday, Jasmine shared on Snapchat a 10-second clip, which she personally took, showing Anne and Heussaff beside her.

Jasmine described the two as a “cat couple” since they were watching a video of two cats playing with each other online.

The clip also shows Anne smiling to the camera as Heussaff seriously pays attention to the video of the cats they were watching.

Last month, Anne took to social media to defend Jasmine and Heussaff after a photo of the two hugging went viral online.

On her Twitter account, the 30-year-old Curtis posted a message for those who “reacted maliciously” towards a screenshot of Jasmine and Erwan taken from her private Snapchat account.

“Hey all, this is getting out of hand. It was all an inside joke between my boyfriend, my sister, myself and everyone at the party,” Curtis said.

“My private account was wrongly screencapped and this is becoming ridiculous. We took down posts because so many people reacted maliciously to them automatically and we didn’t want all of this to happen. Case in point.”

“Nothing happened, we are all fine. I’m lucky that Erwan treats Jasmine like his own sister. He has known her since she was 13. So please, STOP. It deeply saddens me that such viciousness is being thrown at the people I love. DON’T perverse their relationship. I mean, seriously. This is a non-issue,” she concluded.

In a separate interview, Anne dismissed the controversy, assuring their supporters that they are not affected by it.

“Just so you know, we are all okay. We are all good,” she said. (MNS)