Jasmine Curtis-Smith (MNS Photo)

Jasmine Curtis-Smith (MNS Photo)

“TIME heals all things.”

This was the short response of Jasmine Curtis-Smith when asked recently if she has moved on from his recent heartbreak with ex-boyfriend Sam Concepcion.

The “My Fair Lady” lead actress said she does not want to discuss the split-up but clarified that she remained friends with Concepcion.

Despite the heartbreak, Curtis-Smith said that she is not lacking in the ‘kilig’ department as work is a good substitute for it.

“Hindi lang naman sa lalake nahahanap ang kilig e. Nahahanap ‘yan sa trabaho, sa pamilya, siyempre pag binibigyang puri ka ng supporters mo e kinikilig ka,” she said.

She also said that with the tight schedule she has now, it is difficult to find time for anything aside from work.

“Mahirap po yan. M-W-F ang schedule ko dito [My Fair Lady] at meron din akong Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. And then pag Sunday, yoon lang ang libre ko. So… sa panaginip ko lang may dini-date ako.”

“Alam ko ngayon na wala pa ‘yun sa isip ko. Ayoko naman magsinungaling at sabihin na I’m prioritizing work more. I just want to be really honest and say there’s really nothing happening in that department. That’s not where my eyes are looking.”

The actress said that if there’s one thing she has learned from her past relationship, it is that things will happen if it is meant to be.

She said she could allot time for romance if she knows that she has found the right person to compromise with.

“One of my friends told me is that how will you really know if you don’t take a leap of faith. Sometimes you have to accept things as they come along and see where it goes. Kung wala e di wala. If it grow into something beautiful, obviously it is meant to happen.”

“It’s not on my mind; it’s not something I think of. All I look forward to at work is when I get home, I get to rest. Hindi ako naghahanap ng oras for anything else but rest.”

Meanwhile, Curtis-Smith is grateful to be back on television via “My Fair Lady,” the remake of 2009 hit Korean series with the same title.

The actress said it’s good to be part of any story telling process while working opposite caliber names in the entertainment industry.

“It’s just nice to have people that you enjoy working with. Any job is a good job and it depends on how you see it.”

Joining her in “My Fair Lady” are leading men Vin Abrenica and Luis Alandy with Joross Gamboa, Yayo Aguila, Marjorie Barretto and veteran actor Eddie Gutierrez.  (MNS)