2014 IDEA World Fitness Convention The 2014 IDEA World Fitness Convention will showcase everything that's making waves. ©IDEA World

2014 IDEA World Fitness Convention
The 2014 IDEA World Fitness Convention will showcase everything that’s making waves.
©IDEA World

(Relaxnews) – One of the biggest fitness trade events in the world, attracting professionals and enthusiasts from over 60 countries, will take place in Anaheim, California, from August 13 to 17. More than 12,000 fitness-focused individuals will present and observe the latest and greatest exercise methods in over 360 training sessions and represent 300 leading brands in exercise, nutrition and wellness.

What’s to expect in the 500 booths showcasing the new equipment, apparel and nutrition items? For starters, IDEA World representatives say the gym is coming home.

An emphasis on suspension training, which employs the resistance of one’s own body weight using cables such as TRX, has given way to a new generation of simplified, portable exercise equipment.

Olympic high jump gold medalist Charles Austin is expected to reveal his product, The Total Body Board, which, similar to suspension cables, promises a wide variety of moves.

Many other products new in 2014 to be showcased tend to focus on minimizing joint and muscle damage and increasing range of motion.

This trend can be attributed not only to the burgeoning popularity of anti-gravity fitness (examples of which include treadmills that prevent joint damage and aerial yoga), but also the fact that IDEA World representatives expect the event to be more senior-oriented than ever before.

The youngest Baby Boomers are turning 50 this year, joining the most health conscious generation of seniors yet to come.

IDEA World representatives say they’ve incorporated sessions and retailers to meet the fitness needs of the aging population.

This news shouldn’t deter the interest of younger fitness enthusiasts because judging by the number of mind and body training games on the session schedule, Boomers’ idea of fitness starts with fun.

Not everything will be focused on exercising the Boomer generation, for anticipated appearances by celebrity fitness trainers such as yoga specialist Tara Stiles are bound to interest the all-ages crowd, which is expected to be even bigger than last year.

For more information, or to register to attend, see the 2014 IDEA World Fitness Convention website at www.ideafit.com/fitness-conferences/idea-world-fitness-convention.