Aiko Melendez (MNS Photo)

Aiko Melendez (MNS Photo)

The love story of actress Aiko Melendez and her Iranian boyfriend, businessman Shahin Alimirzapour, didn’t exactly start on the right foot.

“We met in a party of our common friend. He approached me pero hindi ko siya pinapansin,” shared Melendez . “I’m kinda snob, you know.”

Melendez eventually decided to give Alimirzapour a shot. “He went up to me and then he said, ‘Can I get your name?’ He didn’t have any idea that I was an actress. And then he asked me, ‘Do you have Facebook?’ Sabi ko, yeah. That’s how it started.” \

Melendez first revealed his relationship with Alimirzapour, who is 12 years younger than her, to the public last month. Asked if their age gap bothers her, Melendez replied: “Age kasi is just a number.”

“What matters is how you get along, when you have the same wave length and when you see things together the same way,” she added.

Melendez also hopes that Alimirzapour is her “forever.”

“When I’m going into a relationship that’s always been my goal, that it’s going to be for keeps and then forever. A lot of people are negative about the word forever, baka naman this time eh mayroon,” she explained.

“I’m hoping na siya na talaga. We’re praying together. We’re putting God in the center of our relationship so everything will work out well.”  (MNS)