Sheena Halili (MNS photo)

Sheena Halili (MNS photo)

Sheena Halili feels “awkward” being around ex-boyfriend Rocco Nacino especially now that they are working together on “Hiram na Alaala,” her first teleserye after renewing her contract with GMA this month.

“Rocco and I had closure but I admit, I still feel awkward working with him. I even fumble my lines sometimes,” shared Sheena.

Sheena is working towards adjusting to the situation. “We’re both professionals and we have to be able to do our jobs,” she said.

Will they have “intimate scenes” together? “I don’t know. We’ll see,” she replied.

Sheena is now co-managed by GMAArtistCenter and Becky Aguila.

“Tita Becky is not just a manager. She is like a mother who always gives me advice and guidance, which I need. It’s a personal relationship,” she related.

She also noted, “Being with GMAArtistCenter is great because they are now more focused on improving their artists.”

With the new management, Sheena is hopeful that her career would blossom further.

Part of their plan, she said, is to change her image to something more sophisticated and mature.

Is she willing to bare skin, we asked.

“I appeared topless in ‘Amaya’ before but I don’t think I can do more of that as yet,” she said.

So how was it working in another primetime soap opera?

“I feel like I’m a new actress again. I’m nervous, which is good, because that means I’ll be striving more to give a good performance,” she said. (MNS)