A Hurricane Sandy news clip with Gangnam Style dancers is causing a buzz on Google+.
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(Relaxnews) – On October 30, Google+ users are sharing news and images of Hurricane Sandy which battered the East Coast of America last night causing widespread flooding and leaving many without power.

One of the most popular posts under the hashtag #HurricaneSandy is a video clip from local American news channel Wavy-TV 10 that shows a windswept reporter on a beach talking about the storm, before two characters appear behind her copying the dance from the popular Korean pop hit “Gangnam Style“; watch the clip at goo.gl/w2SQg.

Also causing a stir on Google’s social network is RepetitiveTuesday, in which which Google+ users share images of landscapes with repetitive elements such as train tracks or a line of lampposts. The hashtag #MusicMonday is also still trending, with users sharing clips, lyrics or images of their favorite bands or artists.

The top 5 most talked about topics on Google+ on October 30 at 9:55 AM GMT are:  

01. #HurricaneSandy
02. #MusicMonday
03. Roku
04. South Africa