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To promote the upcoming release of a totally rebooted take on the film “Ghostbusters” Sony is partnering with Snapchat and adding ‘busting’ and sliming features to the popular app

© Sony Pictures Entertainment Sony Pictures' "Ghostbusters" Offers First-Ever Front And Rear-Facing Lens On Snapchat

© Sony Pictures Entertainment
Sony Pictures’ “Ghostbusters” Offers First-Ever Front And Rear-Facing Lens On Snapchat

Through sponsored lenses that for the first time allow Snapchatters to use front and rear cameras to the same effect, you can picture yourself busting a ghost or via a device’s rear camera, cover a friend in virtual slime.

With the lenses turned on, the “Ghostbusters” theme will play and if choosing to be a Ghostbuster, your image will appear complete with proton pack and a terrified ghost in front of you trying and failing to escape. Use the rear Lens and your target will be slimed by a phantom lurking in the background.
“We are very excited to be the first ever partner to introduce this new type of Lens to the market. These Lenses are fun and creative extensions of Ghostbusters and we think Snapchatters will have a great time using them,” said Elias Plishner, Executive Vice President of Digital Marketing for Sony Pictures.

“Ghostbusters” comes to US cinemas on July 15 and stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Chris Hemsworth.

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