ALFONSO OSSORIO Red Family, 1951 Dallas Museum of Art

Red Family, 1951
Dallas Museum of Art


(a lively mix of an art and entertainment at The Phillips Collection)
In collaboration with the Embassy of the Philippines.
MARCH 7, 2013  6-8:30pm
Experience the warmth, wealth, and wonders of Alfonso Ossorio’s homeland through gallery talks, performances, fashion, food, and drink.

5 – 8 PM

Designer Cathy Ebrada-Cleveland showcases fashion using piña cloth (pineapple fiber) and pearls.

6 & 7 PM

Gallery Talk
Artist, Collector, Patron: The Untold Story of Alfonso Ossorio
A figure virtually absent from art history texts, Ossorio collected hundreds of paintings by his friends Jackson Pollock and Jean Dubuffet, and was a remarkable artist in his own right.

6:30 PM

The University of Maryland Filipino Cultural Association Dance Troupe performs traditional dances.

7:30 PM

Middle school, high school, and college students from the Northern Virginia Rondalla perform Filipino folk songs using the bandurria, a Philippine string instrument.