"Red Band Society" will debut this fall on FOX. ©Fox Broadcasting Co.

“Red Band Society” will debut this fall on FOX.
©Fox Broadcasting Co.

(Relaxnews) – Produced by Steven Spielberg, this American remake of a Spanish dramedy will bring its dark humor and emotional sincerity to FOX this fall. To pique viewers’ curiosity, the network has unveiled the first trailer for “Red Band Society.”

The new comedy explores a subject that is seldom treated with humor on American TV: young people with grave illnesses. Set in the Pediatric Department of Ocean Park Hospital in Los Angeles, “Red Band Society” follows a group of children and adolescents hospitalized due to serious, often life-threatening conditions.

Surrounding these protagonists is a team of hospital personnel, including Nurse Jackson, played by Octavia Spencer. The actress who earned an Oscar for her performance in “The Help” is just one of the major movie stars headed to the small screen next season.

“Red Band Society” is the American adaptation of the dark dramedy “Polseres vermelles,” which debuted in 2011 on the Spanish network TV3.

The production is among the new series greenlighted by FOX for the fall 2014 season, along with “Gotham,” “Empire,” “Gracepoint” and “Backstrom,” which have already been introduced through trailers.

Watch the trailer for “Red Band Society”: Youtu.be/JPEI4CnAC4c