Five tips to get you through festive mealtimes

At festive meals, taste everything, but don’t go back for more. ©Alija/

At festive meals, taste everything, but don’t go back for more.

(Relaxnews) – 9e of year. Prevention is better than cure. Here are five tips to stop you from falling into the trap of excess.

> Do some sport in the morning

As you’ll be having a copious meal in the evening, you need to think about preparing early on in the day by doing some sport which will increase your energy expenditure for the day. The nutrients will be used for your body’s recovery rather than being stored as fat.

> Eat lots of vegetables at lunch

The day of the celebratory meal, eat plenty of vegetables at midday to prevent the acidity that could result from the high-protein meal later on. It will also balance your needs for the day if you can’t eat any in the evening.

> Don’t come to dinner starving

It’s important not to arrive at the table with an empty stomach. Before leaving, you can eat a piece of fruit accompanied by a cup of green tea. This will fill up your stomach and prevent hunger pangs. As a result, you’ll avoid falling into the trap of taking an aperitif with high-fat salty crackers.

> Before and during the meal

Before you sit down at the table, drink 2 or 3 tablespoons of olive oil to prevent fermentation in the digestive tract. Drink water to avoid the dehydration to come caused by alcohol, and breathe. We often start to eat quickly in a purely emotional way. A few deep breaths will alleviate stress and make it easier to eat slowly.

During the meal, take the same wine all the way through to avoid the damage caused by mixing, and don’t keep topping up your glass.

> Creative a festive, but light meal

If you’re doing the inviting, take the opportunity to replace fatty poultry with fish; cream and butter with herbs and spices; cake with a light fruit-based dessert; and chocolates with dried fruit, which are rich but contain fewer calories. As the meal is already heavy, opt for tea rather than mulled wine.

If you’re invited to a festive meal, taste everything but don’t have second helpings.


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